15 June 2014

Year-Long Hiatus!

It's more than one year of hiatus, more than one year of not being able to post. There's so much to tell really but I guess I was too busy with my transition from my home country to a different country now. I still am engage to the same profession. I still touch and save lives. But I am more focused with taking care of those who need assistance in their activities of daily living.

Looking back, my last post was my first anniversary at the Orthopedics Ward. See? I haven't updated this blog really. I left my beloved hospital institution being assigned at the OB-ER. I got rotated from Orthopedics to OB-ER but only got to stay there for a month. Short as it may seem, my stay was very great since I easily got adjusted to the wonderful people I worked with.

I honestly left my hospital institution with a sad heart, but bid I must.
I am now situated in the land of the free and with my almost a year stay, I still am adjusting to everything. However, my fulfillment at this time still is to learn that the people I got to deal with is satisfied with what I give them. After all, my quest here is still to touch and save lives. 

02 May 2013

First OrthoVERSARY =)

How fast really times flies!

Seems like it was only yesterday when I've shared in this blog that am gonna be assigned on a ward that deals with tractions, pins, needles, and patient amputees and now I couldn't believe it that I've gone this far. Rendering my professional services in this area is like a rollercoaster ride since I've got to deal with a lot of personalities from all walks of life plus the fact that my patients are considered long term patients for they're admitted for like months before they can finally be discharged.

Last March 1, 2013, I celebrated in what I termed as my First Year Ortho-versary!;) I never thought I couldn't endure the hardships and the trials here. But look how I am now? I still am enduring them all and I should say that I did survive and will continue to survive for as long as am there. Issues and trials are just part of my daily Ortho existence but I do not let them dwell in me.

With that, I should say "Congrats SELF" for successfully surpassing everything in there. Here's to more glorious months of stay!;)

18 February 2013

Tatak Nars!

Hindi ko alam kung ano ang angkop na tawag sa mga bagay na ito sa larawan. Ang alam ko ang mga ito ay selyo o tatak ng isang nars na nakapasa sa pagsusulit ng mga narses. Kalakip sa tatak na ito ang lisensya ng isang rehistradong nars. Ang bagay na ito ay ginagamit sa tuwing may idinodokumento ang rehistradong nars sa kahit anong kanyang ginagawa sa pasyente.

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SPMC Building

Here's another pic of our SPMC Building taken early in the morning:

The ground floor on the left is the Admin Building while on the right is the Chapel Area. The lobby is situated in the middle. The second floor level on the left is our Payward 2 Unit and on the right is the newly opened Payward 3. Payward Units are all private rooms with a suite room, a single, double, or even triple accommodations. The third level on the left is the CCBDU or the General Ward Unit where Pedia Onco and Nephro patients are admitted and on its right is  the PICU Unit.

Mindanao Heart Center - SPMC

I was on my way to the Central Supply Room for the submission of our CSR Requisition one fine morning before the end of my shift when I got hold of this beautiful sight. Thank GOD I brought my cam with me and I felt glad to have taken this:

This is the Mindanao Heart Center Building which is located on the vicinity of Southern Philippines Medical Center. As an SPMCian, we're proud that the Mindanao Heart Center is the only heart center in Mindanao. Cardio patients from all over Mindanao are being referred here and we have top caliber cardiologists in the institution. As far as I can remember, the Mindanao Heart Center has two ward units - the East Wing and the West Wing wards, the Cardiac Care Unit (CCU), the Surgery Intensive Care Unit (SICU), an Operating Room, a Cath Lab, an RR unit, and also the Pedia ICU for cardio pedia patients. I was given the chance to be exposed at the CCU for only two days and I should say that it's really an honor and a great privilege to be assigned there even for a short period of time.

If you happen to be in Davao City, you can take a glimpse of this Mindanao Heart Center building inside the premises of Southern Philippines Medical Center.