04 September 2011

My Former Patient Kurt Bringas @ Pilipinas Got Talent

In a certain social network, I saw a friend of mine posted the link of Jefferson and Kurt Bringas who showcased their talent in front of the Pilipinas Got Talent jurors. Reading the name "Kurt Bringas" rung in my ears. Yes! How can I ever forgot Kurt Bringas who became my patient for repeated admissions in 2007-2008 for his chemotherapy. Looking on the video, I still couldn't believe it's him on stage with his brother, which I could also well remember taking care of him at that time. The video itself drove me into tears especially on the interview part where Jefferson talked about Kurt. And oh boy, I never imagined they're so talented for real. Had I known that they're bestowed with such talent, I could have wished them to sing for us during our nursing rounds. Kidding aside, I could not believe how far Kurt have gone in battling his cancer and surprisingly, he's super duper okay when I saw him on TV. The once bald-headed Kurt Bringas have turned into someone worthy to be proud of and is worthy to be regarded as an inspiration to all cancer-stricken patients. I also admired how Jefferson sacrificed all the way for Kurt, even to the extent of not taking too much attention to his personal life just because of his brother. Their relationship as siblings is very much admirable.

In this kind of talent search, I know they deserve to win and I can't wait for them to reappear on TV again for the semi-finals.

To get a glimpse on their performance on stage as shown on Philippine TV, here's the video of Jefferson and Kurt. May this inspires you all:

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